VIP Service Package

For the client who requires the highest level of service and discretion.

Priority Scheduling. VIP Clients are first in line. As simple as sending us a text message.

Your motorcycles transported from your residence, office or location of disablement to your mechanic or dealer. Owner not required to be present. Simply make your motorcycle & keys accessible.

We communicate with service departments and provide updates to you or your preferred contact.

If needed we can secure quotes, recommend mechanics, builders and authorized service providers or act as liaison between buyers and seller.

VIP Emergency Service

VIP Emergency Assistance Program includes a DIRECT 24 HOUR DEDICATED NUMBER.

Coverage in all 50 states via the Motorcycle Transport Specialists Network of America. We will find the closest service provider.

Covers you up to $300.00 transport per occurrence, UNLIMITED OCCURRENCES. Mechanical failures, flat tires, accident, vandalism, fuel delivery. Anything that renders the motorcycle unsafe to operate.

Additional Services Available to VIP Clients

Motorcycle Management: For the person who leaves town on business for extended lengths of time, and returns to motorcycles with flat tires and dead batteries. Motorcycle Mover provides secured storage, maintenance and detailing for clients whose schedule takes them away frequently. Your bikes are delivered ready to ride when and where you want them.

(Available at select locations. Call 844-MOTO-111 to inquire.)


Road Trip!

Motorcycle Mover provides support and logistics for a group or individual, over the road motorcycle experience. We provide target day pickup / delivery to and from destinations. Rental motorcycles, chase vehicles, carrying gear, route and road planning.

Let us know what is required.


$299.00 for 1 year covers 2 motorcycles
Call 844-MOTO-111